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I love going out in sexy little outfits and turning all the guys on, though only allowing my partner to touch me or my ladies. LOL my ladies and I will touch a lot of each other. The problem is that for unsorted files with variable length lines any process is going to have to go through the file counting newlines. If, however, the file is sorted (a log file with timestamps, for example) or has fixed length lines, then you can seek into the file based on a byte position.In the log file example, you could do a binary search for a range of times as my Python script here* does. Let's say you want to pull line 8872 from your file called plugged filters, plugged coils, low ambient conditions, etc..The only reason these systems work so good for so long is due to the fact that they are properly evacuted and charged from the factory.Adding these mechanical connectors means having to braze, so why not just go with cut tubing?These systems work much longer and under not so friendly operating conditions, ie...

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I don't think you can make VS wrap at 80 columns (I'd find that terribly annoying) but you can insert a visual guideline at 80 columns so you know when is a good time to insert a newline.

Not too many of them have survived to these days and for good reasons.

For further information on why data bound controls are "evil", read The intrinsic Data control is geared toward MS-Access 97 and earlier databases, although a later VB service pack added connectivity for Access 2000 databases. To do these exercises, you should make a folder into which you will copy the two database files mentioned above.… continue reading »

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