Access screenupdating

02-Aug-2020 07:29

The following macro opens the Product List form in the lower-right corner of the Suppliers form, displaying the current supplier's products.

It shows the use of the Echo, Msg Box, Go To Control, Stop Macro, Open Form, and Move Size actions.

I have asked a similar question in the past and received answers that minimized the flicker, but I really hope that you can help me eliminate the screen flicker when changing a value of a field in an existing record using VBA.

If I do it using VBA, (activated by the click event on that field), the code below flips the value with the bonus of a screen flicker.

It shows the use of the Echo, Close, Open Form, Set Value, and Go To Control actions.

The Set Value action sets the Supplier ID control on the Products form to the current supplier on the Suppliers form.

When you set the Echo On argument to No, the macro runs without updating the screen.

The Echo action doesn't suppress the display of modal dialog boxes, such as error messages, or pop-up forms, such as property sheets.

You can use dialog boxes and pop-up forms to gather or display information, even if echo is turned off.

If you change the setting of something, then when you are through, set it back to the way it was before. There are too many bad possible outcomes that you would not know about until they happen.

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Platforms; IT settings; UDFs; fatal errors occurring from unforeseen reasons (but they’d seem obvious after they happen when first unforeseen); the list goes on. I cannot tell you how many times in my work I’ve come across a potential bad outcome were the True setting not reset.

To suppress all message or dialog boxes except error message boxes and dialog boxes that require the user to enter information, use the Set Warnings action.