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02-Apr-2020 10:29

But the group won't say why it did it and Facebook didn't flag the activity as breaking any rules.

Interviewed by, he asked not to be identified, acknowledging that his tactics were also trying to game the system.

In Canada, users can see lists of sponsored posts as part of a Facebook experiment to enhance transparency.

CAPP spokeswoman Chelsie Klassen described the energy citizens group as giving "supporters a voice to express their enthusiasm and enhance energy awareness in Canada." She declined to share the cost of urging people to vote in an poll or explain why the post was sponsored.

It describes the role of Canada's Energy Citizens as a voice for members of Canada's oil and gas community.

The Facebook page for Canada's Energy Citizens works like a for its followers, now numbering more than 220,000, increasing online traffic for articles, videos and opinion pieces that promote the oil industry."I haven't looked at the polls since." Greenpeace communications officer Jesse , seen here in Vancouver on February 9, 2018, said suspicions about the newspaper polls were stirred because of unusual voting patterns.

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