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The bra lifted her already perky breasts and pushed them together forming an impossibly deep cleavage where the ample flesh of her upper breasts welled up against each other.The bra was rather low cut so there was plenty of tanned flesh for the three young men to feast their hungry gazes upon.

“I’ll see you all Monday.” “What culture are we going to pick? ” “No,” Danielle admitted with a shrug that did mind boggling things with her massive jugs. ” The two gorgeous cheerleaders made their way to the place they thought most likely to contain geeks, the school library. Once Murray had managed to get his eyes back into their sockets he led the two sexy cheerleaders into his dining room where the boys had the table set up for their role playing game night. “Warrior maybe,” she said with a shrug, picking one of the other’s at random. Danielle screwed her face up, was this guy thick or something? “I am a mighty wizard like you Devon, only I’m 12th level.” “And I’m Thrud the Barbarian!“Fine,” Danielle sighed and rolled her eyes heavenward again.She then reached up and started to reach for the bottom of her pink crop top, remembering the way Murray had kissed Devon’s hand and done such a good acting job.David swallowed, but still didn’t answer, his wide-eyed gaze draw involuntarily to Danielle’s swelling chest and low cut blouse. “Um, you’ll need to roll up new characters first I guess,” he managed to squeak out as the two girls took their seats opposite David and Murray at the dining room table. “Right, all done,” Adam finally announced, much to the relief of the two beautiful cheerleaders. “Follow me m’lady,” he said gallantly, bending forward to gently kiss the back of Devon’s hand before releasing it.

Murray nodded slightly but otherwise remained silent. The girls found a couple of complicated looking forms pushed in front of them, which Adam explained where their character sheets. “Time to begin the adventure.” “We haven’t started yet? Adam just ignored her, he was starting to get pissed off at these two hot chicks turning up and ruining a perfectly good night of D&D. “Okay, the four of you are gathered in a campsite deep the Forests of Doom, it is dawn but no sunlight comes through the thick canopy of trees above. Danielle rolled her eyes at his display, but Devon gave a little giggle. “The center orc takes a painful cut across the ribs but doesn’t go down,” said Adam.

I want a five hundred word essay on your findings by Monday.” There was a groan from the class, they’d been hoping to get away without any homework. The two girls made every male in the school, both teacher and student alike, go weak at the knees and hard in the crotch.