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11-Dec-2020 10:52

“People in Vermont [were] raised to believe sex is only for procreation,” Rainville says.“When I first bought the store it was an embarrassment.

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On that subject, and to my relief, I did not spot any really gnarly S&M items — the little leatherette mini-whips and skimpy dominatrix gear seemed to say “Let’s pretend,” not “Let me lacerate your flesh.” If Imago caters to individuals with more arcane or perverse fetishes, it’s not evident.Or of the fact that 25 percent — and counting — of the store’s customers are now women? She’s seen plenty of tentative women, and men, like me in the year or so she’s worked at Imago.She’s seen all kinds, in fact, come through the door of the Colchester store.One thing Imago customers don’t have to worry about is naughty behavior in dark corners; there aren’t any dark corners.

Every nook and cranny is as well-lit and clean as a library. Other products, of course, were amply self-explanatory — and I’d like to know who’s getting those hefty, 14-inch dildos. Some items seemed juvenile, the stuff of bachelor-party ribaldry — inflatable dolls, for instance.

This may be one reason for the popularity of sex toys, props and enhancements; indeed, Rainville confirms his biggest sellers are “novelty items.”Another explanation, it must be noted, is that people can have a sense of playfulness about sex — the antithesis of the lie-back-and-think-of-England approach that restrained our Anglo foremothers.

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