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Open Document&cat=m1_2_9_9|title=Old time Sogndal|date=|accessdaymonth=23 June|accessyear=2008|publisher=Sogndal Kommune from the 12th century is still standing.

Excavations show that this was probably the third church on this site.

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The first element of Sogndal comes from the genitive case of the river name "Sókn" (now called "Sogndalselvi" river) and the last element of the name is "dalr" which means "valley" or "dale".Archeological excavations indicate that people have been living here as far back as 700 BC.The first farms in Sogndal date back to the 1st century AD and findings indicate that these were rich farms.In 1911 a hydroelectric power station with a 200 kilowatt generator was built here.

This was one of the region's first power stations, in fact one of the very first in rural Norway.

Together with Lerum it constitutes the majority of the traditional industry in Sogndal.