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29-Apr-2020 09:38

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A new tunnel is being built, Túnel de Oriente, that will reduce the driving time to/from José María Córdova airport by up to half.The tunnel is reportedly scheduled to open the end of 2018.A few white taxi drivers have attempted to charge me a higher fare thinking I was an unsuspecting tourist.

There are at least three companies offering white airport taxi services: Acoa Taxi Aeropuerto, Aerotaxi, and Rápido Medellín Rionegro.

In addition, there are some bus routes that go by Olaya Herrera Airport with fares between 2,000 to 2,100 pesos.

Also, the South Bus Terminal in Medellín is located only one block from Olaya Herrera Airport.

But you can find some yellow taxis looking for a return fare to Medellín and I have been able to negotiate 60,000 pesos from the airport to Medellín in a yellow taxi. These are white taxis shared by three or four passengers. So, with four passengers the fare is 17,500 pesos each.

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The shared taxis from the airport only go to San Diego mall in Medellín.The ubiquitous yellow taxis in Medellín are another way to get to/from the airport.