Airtrade consolidating

01-Sep-2020 00:52

We have been discovering new roads with you since 1976, interpreting and addressing every change.We operate with confidence along different business lines, to answer the needs of our clients, specialising and growing to attain even more ambitious results. flow of a perfectly harmonised process to make business travel management simple, as well as to simplify its associated costs.Through the BCD Travel brand, present in more than 100 Countries in the world, we set up a bespoke consultancy approach that encompasses every business travel aspect of our Client companies, and answers to the need to control expenses, increasing the added value of each business trip.The aim of this organisation is to grow and establish itself in the travel industry as the most qualified professional operator for the management of leisure travel.Circle is the travellers’ club reserved to collaborators of BCD Travel client companies.Vayama is an online travel agency uniquely focused on international air travel.Since 2007, Vayama has been committed to offering comprehensive airline flight schedules and fares allowing our customers to book air travel to popular destinations as well as some of the most remote corners of the world.

We have reached the current setup spread out between Milan, Florence, Treviso, Turin and Guardiagrele in 2015, following the acquisition of Seneca's business travel sector and brand.Simultaneously the take-over provides a solid basis for the build-up and growth of a 'Global Consolidator Network’”, comments Rainer Klee, AERTi CKET’s Wim Butte will continue to lead the company and the newly created international group.