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Look for any clues on the bottle itself that’ll pin point it. Some bottle codes are easy to decipher while others are not, but if they exist they’re a great place to start.

In the image above we see that it’s commemorating the 200th anniversary of Evan Williams and on the bottle they say the distillery was founded in 1783. If you can’t decipher them, and can’t find anyone else online who has a clue, reach out to the maker (if possible) and see if they can steer you in the right direction.

Each change marks a point that will identify a short period in which the bottle was stamped ‘between’: 1934-1944, 1944-1960, 1961-1977, 1977-1982 & 1983-1985.

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Find ads that depict your bottle and you’ll know roughly when it’s from.

Perhaps manufacturers believed that consumers still shared this view and lead them to include their own strip once tax strips were no longer required.

(via Walter Hurst) If you’re lucky enough to score a dusty bonded whiskey your job is even easier because the green tax strip will state both the made (distilled) and bottled date.

From 1981 forward all bottles in the USA started carrying metric (ml, liter, etc.) statements.

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Before 1979 bottles in the USA were measured using the Imperial system (pint, quart, gallon, etc.). If it says ATF on the strip then your bottle is from 1977 – 1985.

Whether you’re trying to date a bottle of bourbon or determine the relative age of a dusty bottle of Scotch the process for US bottles is pretty much the same; it’s a matter of looking at clues and narrowing down possibilities.