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Salamat sa pagpapatawad at sa pagtanggap mo sa akin kahit pa isa akong makasalanang asawa. She was thankful for her lost husband had returned home. Home where laughter fills the air Home where happiness and triumph we share Home where joys abound And a home where true love is found.

On the 7th day of June, it was summer and the Anderson family were busy.

The pastor delivered a message about the prodigal son in the book of Luke -31 While the message was going on, hindi niya maiwasang mapakinggan.

Hindi mo naman pwedeng takpan ang tenga mo kasi nakakahiya. Nasa kalagitnaan ang mensahe when he heard a voice "Thou art my son, I have forgiven you from your sins. He felt the hand of his wife, it was the touch that he longed for many years.

If one of you is 31 and the other is 49, change sure to facilitate time with relationships in your early thirties and in our mid-to-late hints.

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They may face difficulties and trials but their relationship with God is always strong.