Apple weather widget not updating boys dating older women

11-Feb-2020 00:23

If you want to change this setting, so the weather app updates no matter where you are, it is very easy.

Just open the i Phone’s Settings app and tap “Cellular”.

In this tutorial, we provide you with some simple solutions to fix this weather widget issue on your i Phone or i Pad running i OS 11. Once you reset Location Services on your i Phone, simply reboot your device.

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If you try to add a new city when you aren’t on Wi-Fi, it’ll show a blank screen, like below.If the weather app isn’t displaying up-to-date results, it may because it isn’t allowed to use mobile data.This is meant to save on data if you’re on a mobile plan with a data cap.Here, we have listed some solutions that can fix ‘Weather widget not working in i OS 11’ issue appears on i Phone.

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Hundreds of i Pad and i Phone users have registered their queries about Weather widget not working in i OS 11.This is your second last chance to fix Weather widget not working issue on your i Phone. In the last resort, you can remove Weather app and install it again on your i Phone running i OS 11.

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