Assault in teen dating relationships

21-May-2020 11:30

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Given that many of these prevention programs have only been short-term interventions, the results are particularly encouraging and demonstrate a potential to impact public health.Especially encouraging is a program demonstrating long-term behavioral change.According to the Centers for Disease Control, 23% of males and 14% of females surveys indicated that they had been part of a relationship that was violent or abusive.Teens may not fully understand the weight of their actions – especially if they have developed an understanding of how relationships operate from portrayals in the media, movies, athletes, and television.

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In efforts to reduce the prevalence of teen dating violence, and to help teens create and maintain healthy relationships, many states have implemented mandatory programs for public school students.

In 2015, California began requiring public schools to provide educational programs about preventing, recognizing, and avoiding teen dating violence and abuse.