Bing wallpaper not updating

20-Nov-2019 03:42

Bing is Microsoft’s popular search engine and now it plans to sit in front of your desktop everyday.

Download Bing Desktop on your computer (Windows 7 only) and then it will make this possible.

Give it a few months though, and users will probably start asking for 4K versions.

Aside from looking great, users also appreciate that these images sometimes teach them something new.

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As such, Microsoft is a suitable example of heavy perseverance, since not all goes according to plan, but still moves on and looks for improvements.Hint: Sticking it to a screen edge makes it automatically hide and reveal on mouseover.Step 3: Press the little Gear button to go through a few options.Now you can search Bing directly from your desktop, even if your browser is not open.

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Since my default web browser is Google Chrome, the good part it does not mess with that and Bing results do open in a new tab in Google Chrome.Upon installation, you can choose to select and choose to make MSN as your homepage on Internet explorer.

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