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25-Oct-2020 20:02

A person's fiftieth birthday is seen as a great occasion in everyone's life and there is typically a large party to celebrate.

One of the best-known and visible parts of a Sarah birthday is placing a life-sized doll in the front yard of the person who's turning 50.

Over the years, these dolls were similar to scarecrows people decorate their porches with on Halloween: simple, folksy human-sized figures sitting in a chair.

In recent years, however, it's not unusual to see giant inflatable Sarahs and Abrahams in yards.

This is a perfect idea for a bad day, and there’s tons of different cookie combinations to choose from.

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The Dutch took this Bible passage and turned it into a longstanding tradition.A tradition that hails from the Netherlands, the "Sarah birthday" is celebrated when a woman turns 50 and becomes a "Sarah." It means that she's old enough and wise enough to have 'seen Sarah," the biblical figure and wife of Abraham. In this passage, Jesus is asked how he could have seen Abraham if he hadn't yet reached fifty.He surprised the inquisitive Jews by saying, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am”Besides being Abraham's wife and a natural companion for "seeing Abraham," Sarah is revered for having a baby at an older age.It served as a timeless family keepsake, passed on from generations to generations.

Did you know that you can have someone hand paint a photo of you (or the person of your choice) today too?

You can upload any photo and create a timeless gift that will last forever.

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