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24-Jan-2020 18:27

if your like some of the other people don't have a phone have older siblings Parents: But they didn't get there phone till! BTW i have one sister, idk why she made account say she is 17 she is 15!Then I think they should have one or at least and i Pad for like school group chats etc I am 12 years old, on my sister's account. about 90% of my class has a phone, and I have to get into the AA program in my school to get one, while most kids get promised a DOG when they get into the program, yet many parents dont even CARE whether or not their kid gets into the AA program! I am 16 years old i have a phone but it is not all that good My family has prepaid i believe there's nothing wrong with it my 1st phone was a samsung Galaxy j1 it wasn't activated my 11 year old cousin has a Samsung galaxy on5 Its activated!I find my mom is a hypocrite here because she is always saying how none of my sibling had them at my age.YEAH, BUT IT WAS THEN, 18 YEARS AGO, AND THEN THEY GOT IT WHEN THEY WERE 15 ANYWAYS!!! PHONE PROS: good way of communication (texting, calling) social interactivity with friends (social media?

Today I turn 13 and I've heard my parents discuss buying a phone for me this year.

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So let's start off by talking about how many kids have phones in my grade.

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I'd say about 65-75% of kids in my grade have phones, or at least i Pads.AND I am in the top class in school, I usually come 3rd in the year, I do more chores than my mum, I cook dinner three times a week, I don't swear, I play 4 musical instruments, I do extra curricular activities, I am responsible and mature, I always do what she says,( and not trying to sound spoilt but, I HAVENT GOTTEN ANY CLOTHES/ PRESENTS FOR 3 YEARS, no kidding, my clothes are literally falling apart and don't fit) I do everything you could dream of, SO PLEASE HELP ME FEAL INCLUDED IN SOCIETYI think you should get a phone when your kid is responsible, and knows how to do school things, and you know is responsible enough to not misuse the phone and take school into their mind. ) you don't have to beg your parents to use their phone anymore PHONE CONS: can be addictive, so you should have some rules I am not saying you should buy your child a phone.