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Marvel makes mistakes too, yes, but they’re often stories that just missed their mark for whatever reason, and they haven’t built their business model around a cycle of planned irrelevancy.Likewise, Warner Brothers chases Marvel’s ownership group, the mighty Disney Corporation, whose worst house-produced superhero film (ie: not a film by Sony, Fox, etc.) in terms of box office draw was 2008’s THE INCREDIBLE HULK, which still brought in over a quarter of a billion dollars. Marvel launched their “Marvel Cinematic Universe,” a tightly cohesive cinematic endeavor, in 2008 and has basically printed their own cash ever since.The Joker is simply unnecessary as part of the plot, and would have been better utilized in flashbacks to flesh out Harley.On a scale of Cesar Romero to Mark Hamill (still the best Joker ever), Leto’s Marilyn Manson-like appearance and grating characterization rank somewhere below Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr.At least the special effects were better than WB’s ill-fated GREEN LANTERN debacle.If you were expecting a DC team version of the delightfully irreverent DEADPOOL, you should just go Redbox DEADPOOL again and save yourself the disappointment.The team is put together by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), a sociopathic defense planner who believes the only way to effectively deal with neck-breaking aliens and their messiah complexes is to have a team of super-powered psychopaths at the government’s beck and call.

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I just wish Ayer’s script gave El Diablo more to do than literally stand around and watch everyone else fight until he finally gets in the game during the big boss fight.Margot Robbie, on the other hand, steals the show from her costar Smith, whom she showed good chemistry with in last year’s FOCUS.