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Although this appears to be a very basic function, routing call and two-way audio traffic through a two-core cable is a surprisingly complicated business involving a fair amount of what we now call logic, yet it achieves this using just a couple of simple switches and some ingenious wiring.These days it would all be handled by a microcontroller, at the very least.Before that even very short range models like these CR-313s were technically illegal, though they were sold openly and generally tolerated by the authorities since they were difficult to detect and rarely caused problems (though pilots of radio control model aircraft, which use the same frequency, may well disagree).The current generation of inexpensive legal ‘consumer’ walkie talkies operate on multiple channels on UHF band, have many flashy features, like LCD displays, winky lights and a range of between 3 and 5km, but where’s the fun in that?It goes without saying that microchips are truly wonderful.

The Companion CR-313 outfit was by no means special.

Unusually for a 60s vintage electronic device the electrolytic capacitors didn’t need replacing and the only maintenance needed was a few squirts of switch cleaner to get rid of pops and crackles from the PTT switch and volume control.

One of the aerials had lost its ball tip; I just happened to have a spare in my box of bits, and there had been a minor battery leak at some point.

The loudspeaker doubles up as a microphone; each unit has a 9-section telescopic antenna, and they are powered by 9-volt PP3 transistor radio type battery. The compact and surprisingly smart-looking cases are clearly well made, having managed to survive this long intact.

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They weren’t a pretty sight when I found them, though.The phones are powered by four 1.5-volt D cells (two in each phone) and connected together by the previously mentioned two-core cable, which is around 10 metres long.

The restaurant ran at the Genesis Open at The Riviera Country Club from February 16-19.… continue reading »

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Even before windows 10 logo appeared after the restart, my headphones plugged into Creative USB X-Fi Surround Sound 5.1 pro were making a non-stop clicking / popping noise, in other words my sound was broken.… continue reading »

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Layout & Themes Multiple display styles (tiled, list, tabbed, slider) Multiple content presentation styles (tooltip, table, modal) Fully customizable CSS Key Features Automatic refresh of feeds through Cron or Pseudo Cron Users can submit feeds Voting system for feeds Commenting system Fav Icons for feeds (pulled from feed sites or custom uploaded) Ads integration (display ads of your choice in between feeds) Word filter (include/exclude articles that contain certain keywords) Automatic unpublishing of erroneous feeds FTP protocol for retrieving RSS XMLs Permissions management Quick search bar Standards Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files SEO/SEF friendly (compatible with Artio Joom SEF) Default integration with Joomla! and component Easy transition to RTL Simple installation, configuration and updating process Categories Unlimited categories and subcategories levels Restrict usergroups on certain categories Main Settings Date & Time format (can hide date on feed display) Set the number of feeds per page Set display styles Enable/disable search form Enable and set up commenting system Enable ads and set the number of rows to be shown after Enable and set up component routing of the links Set the number of feeds per page Hide or show empty source feeds Enable/disable Fav Icons Hide or show enclosures Set up Cron Job and Pseudo Cron Enable and set up word filter Manage permission settings for all user groups Modules & Plugins Feeds display module with multiple sorting types (date, votes, comments, hits and random) Categories navigation module 3 Plugins (content, system and search) Backend Management Actions: create new feeds and edit existing ones, manually refresh feeds, publish submitted feeds, etc.… continue reading »

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