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06-Aug-2020 15:53

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It depends on how religious he is and how much he cares about what his parents say. Wow I just wrote this whole long response and it disappeared on me! Firstly a somewhat derogatory term for a non jewish female is Shiksa, for a man it is Shaygitz.

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My most recent relationship collapsed because I'm not a christian and she was. You posted and got no response because frankly someone would be friggin nuts to respond because they'd get their arse kicked. There is even a word for men and women that means "a nonjewish man or woman you date for sexual practice but do not intend to marry." I didn't buy it eaither at first.This is one of the rules of Kashrut (Kosherness) that is deeply ingrained in us - sort of like rigid toilet training, those of us raised in traditional houses just can't seem to mix milk and meat. KMT I would continue to enjoy this relationship and see how it goes. I'm here for you if you have any further questions.

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