Claire danes who is she dating

11-Dec-2020 23:45

Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes in Romeo Juliet Claire Danes may have been only 16 when she filmed Baz Luhrmann's poptastic 1996 Shakespeare update Romeo Juliet, but that didn't stop her from finding her 22-year-old co-star Leonardo Di Caprio irritatingly immature.

These days, Leo - who finally claimed an Oscar earlier this year for his performance in gruelling survival epic The Revenant - is known for his commitment to difficult roles, famously chowing down on a real bison liver during Alejandro Iñárritu's shoot.

So, going by the pattern, we're predicting an October 2018 broadcast date.

But don't tie us to a chair and torture us if we're wrong.

According to movie-making rumour, the pair avoided speaking when the cameras weren’t rolling – less "star-crossed lovers", and more just two very cross stars.

has returned to television after an achingly long period of absence.

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If there are plans to keep Homeland going with a new cast and showrunners, then season eight could serve as an introduction to the new era of Homeland. No, however we’ll be updating this article when one does drop.That's one of the benefits of having so many seasons behind you," Gansa noted."You have this wealth of characters that you can reintroduce, and that have a history with your current regulars, so you don't have to start from scratch." tends to keep its cards close to its chest, so don't expect to see anything until around a month before season eight lands.