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10-Jan-2020 01:11

Singles here are taking advantage of the city’s high internet usage–a massive 82.6% of the population we tested use the internet–and , drinks, and a walk along the shores of the Long Island Sound–talk about a romantic first date.

It’s also just an hour train ride from NYC, so if your date needs a little more adventure, you won’t have to look very far.

Catch the Fighting Illini take on a opponent on the gridiron or enjoy a concert at the If you’re looking for a high concentration of singles, look no further than Pittsfield.

Of the 18-34 age bracket we analyzed, a whopping 83.2% are single.

Women in the Philippines have traditionally controlled the family fiances.

In traditional societies they have been responsible for planting and household chores and child care although men have participated some in these duties. On one hand in the Philippines, girls are twice as likely to suffer from malnutrition as boys.

Although most CEOs of business enterprises are men, this is not exclusively the case.

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They had exclusive right to educate and to name their children. During the Spanish times a woman continued the use of her maiden name after marriage, or else merely appended her husband's surname to her own, and the children assumed the hyphenated surname. However, since the 1960s, traditional Filipino gender culture has been transformed by tremendous Western - European and American - influences, except in the Muslim-dominated southern islands, which have been much less influenced by Western contacts.

The final rankings were determined by adding up each city’s weighted scores to see who scored highest overall.