Company dating in the workplace

30-Aug-2020 08:01

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Do not ask them to “change” but instead tell them that the behavior itself must stop.

Don’t get sucked into a bully’s defense that their target somehow deserves the mistreatment.

Most bullies don’t act up in front of their superiors, so managers must rely on reports from other employees. It’s not hard to identify a bully if you’re getting complaints of screaming, tantrums, public humiliation, sabotage, and verbal abuse.

Tools that let subordinates review their bosses anonymously, like the 360-degree performance review, can shed light on how a person behaves when management is not around, says href=" But watch for the more subtle signs of a problem, as well: the person who always takes credit for things others obviously contributed to, or who dominates meetings with sarcasm, interruptions, or insults.

Enlist HR to amend your sexual harassment policy to include bullying.

Bullying is not included in discrimination policies because it is not against the law (yet), but you can indicate in your policy that certain behaviors are inconsistent with your company culture.

Talk with the bully and be direct but not confrontational or emotional. “Often their whole demeanor will soften,” Latty-Mann says.

If you run a typical American company — whether you have 10,000 employees or 25 — then you probably have a bully in your business.

According to a 2007 survey conducted by Zogby International, almost half of U. workers report that they have experienced or witnessed some kind of bullying on the job - insults, threats, screaming, or ostracism.

If the employee is considered valuable — perhaps a star engineer, a top salesman, or someone who might walk and take key clients with them — then you may want to consider coaching, counseling, or anger management.

But this only works if the person has the ability and desire to change.

Bullies often tend to be smart, successful, productive employees, so top executives may be slow to reprimand or fire them.

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