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But it can also be nerve-racking, especially that first call, first kiss, or first breakup! Readers will be reassured by the embarrassing and the empowering real-life stories scattered throughout, and by Rabens's mantra: "Dating is relating, and relating is fun." (Ages 12 and older) --Emilie Coulter About Cengage (Author) : Cengage is a published author of children's books. Published credits of Susan Rabens include Complete Idiot's Guide to Dating for Teens (Complete Idiot's Guides (Lifestyle Paperback)).

The emphasis is on confidence and having a sense of humor, but the guide is thorough in its coverage of anything and everything related to teens and dating, including some more serious issues--pregnancy, STDs, and birth control. more View Cengage's profile About Susan Rabens (Author) : Susan Rabens is a published author of young adult books.

-- Guidelines for Keeping Yourself Safe -- Keeping Your Identity Anonymous -- Using the Web to Protect Yourself -- Dating Bytes -- Is That Email in Your Inbox, or Are You Just Happy to Read Me?

-- Getting Personal with Personal Ads -- Common Personal Ad Pitfalls to Avoid -- Photograph Yeas and Nays -- The Direct Approach -- Cyber-Flirting -- Do You Type Here Often?

-- Just How Long Has Online Socializing Been Going On? -- My Modem Blinks at Me and I Get Excited -- Higher Power Concerns About Hardware -- Don't I Already Have the Software I Need?

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-- These Boots Were Made for Quaking -- But Who Is Really Out There? -- What About All the Internet Nightmare Stories I've Heard About?

” ― Orhan Pamuk, “My needs are simple and few, thought Valentine. It’s amazing how smart, strong people turn into frail, frightened idiots once their hearts are involved.” ― Laurann Dohner, “Y’all might as well come on out,” I said.

I’m glad I don’t suffer from it and hope I never do.

-- Personal Ads Sites That Charge a Fee -- Personal Ads Sites That Are Free -- Online Dating Resources -- I Want Values for My Money -- Christian Sites -- Jewish Sites -- More Personal Ads Sites Based on Religion -- Same Sex Personals -- Special Challenges -- Special Interest Sites -- Sex Classifieds and International Personals -- How Do I Love Thee?

Let Me Modem the Ways -- Courting the New-Fashioned Way -- Advice 15 Cheap! -- Serious Advice -- Not So Serious Advice -- I Just Want Someone I Can Talk To -- I'm Typing As Fast As I Can -- Chat and the Newcomer. But it can also be nerve-racking, especially that first call, first kiss, or first breakup! With this valuable guide to dating, from the popular Complete Idiot's Guide series, teens will learn everything from conversation skills to dealing with rejection to making decisions about sex.

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