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04-Apr-2020 07:44

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As a non-spouse inheriting a Traditional IRA from somebody who had not yet reached age 70½, I had three options: Inherited IRA with RMD, Inherited IRA with 5-Year Method, or the Lump Sum distribution. Well, for Traditional IRAs, any money you withdraw from the account is taxable at your current tax rates.

So, as a general rule of thumb, it’s good to avoid withdrawing sum that might push you into a higher tax bracket for the year. Unless you’re facing a cash flow emergency, there is no good reason to voluntarily receive a large sum of money all at once in retirement.

It was awkward going, because, though the institution apparently had an account in my name, had no records or online credentials to verify myself with.

Fortunately they had my Social Security number on file, and that matched. I began to get more information on what this was all about.

I signed and returned it all in their prepaid mailer.

About three weeks later, the transfer was complete.

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Of course, that is only feasible if you have assets to live on in the meanwhile.I could log on to my home page at Vanguard and see the sum of money sitting in the settlement fund — Vanguard’s Federal Money Market — in a brand new Inherited IRA account, along with my other Vanguard accounts.Inherited IRAs are called “IRAs”, but their similarity to your other IRAs is only skin deep.So that rules out using one of my pure stock funds either….

That leaves one of my two existing balanced funds — either the Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund (VWINX/VWIAX) or the Vanguard Life Strategy Moderate Growth Fund (VSMGX).OK, so that meant I would be choosing the RMD/Life Expectancy Method to withdraw from my Inherited IRA.

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