Convincing teen daughter to stop dating

08-Jun-2020 19:29

“She was hurting herself, it turns out,” Chris reveals, “and she kept trying to get him to do it by telling him it would help him understand how she felt. We were really angry with this girl, but it was just as surprising to us that he was actually going to do it.

He’s a sensitive kid, but that just wasn’t anything he had ever tried before.

Adolescents may not have the perspective or the right words to change directions in a problematic relationship, or to counter accusations from their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Should parents disallow relationships altogether until their children are older?

Even single incidents, being pressured to send an inappropriate cell phone picture that is later forwarded to other teens, for example, leads to immediate feelings of guilt, anxiety, and shame.

With good reason, we mythologize love in adolescence, with its power to plant in our hormonally-fertilized psyches the seeds of memories that will grow more and more sentimental to us into old age.

The National Teen Dating Hotline also offers live support and guidance through their phone lines at (866) 331-9474.