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11-Jan-2020 16:11

booking_id=102 In before each row In after each row. As you'll see, this code is monolithic but each section executes at different points.In the previous example, I placed dbms_output statements at various points to show how each section executes along what points.

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booking_id=101 In before each row In after each row.

(I have placed the dbms_output statements in the code to show how the triggers are getting fired.) create or replace trigger tr_pay_follow_up before update on payments for each row begin dbms_output.put_line ('This is tr_pay_follow_up'); if ( (:new.risk_rating = 'HIGH' and :new.pay_mode = 'C') or (:new.risk_rating = 'MEDIUM' and :new.pay_mode = 'K') or (substr(:new.credit_card_no,1,5) = '23456') ) then :new.follow_up := 'Y'; else :new.follow_up := 'N'; end if; end; / What happened here?

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