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15-Jul-2020 15:34

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Switched careers in a tough economy and got his second Masters degree.

Very smart and I am sure he will get on his feet again.”There you have it, Jane.

We’ve been seeing each other at least two to three times a week for two months. Donna owned her own small business, traveled around the world, and made upwards of six figures. Five years later, I was married to a woman who believed in me and saw my potential.

She was also divorced and really wanted to settle down, get married and have kids. And yes, we ran into Donna at a party once in Hollywood. Am I suggesting that women everywhere should bank on their man’s unrealized potential? In fact, as a policy, it’s usually a bad bet to see a man for what he could become and it’s a much safer one to see who he currently is.

What's got my "uh-oh" radar pinging off the charts is that he didn't tell you sooner.

Why would you consider marrying someone who couldn't find a way to be honest with you?

Harry currently resides in Newport Beach, CA and enjoys biking and playing beach volleyball in his spare time.

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And unless you want to be the Donna in his life story, I’d get on board his train now.” What a great comeback and mindset to have.We went out maybe 5 times before she told me that she couldn’t continue to see me. There is the 30-year-old guy who is content playing video games and smoking pot and doesn’t take any initiative in getting an adult life on track.And then there’s your guy.“Successful in his last profession, but wasn’t happy with his job anymore and decided to leave.And my dear, your fiancé's news should stun you enough to give you serious pause.

The fact that he's filing for bankruptcy isn't a deal breaker; a lot of good people find themselves in bad financial situations.This should be used by every guy who has ever been between jobs and the girl has second thoughts about him.

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