Dating and lighting shabbat candles

24-Nov-2019 01:53

Along with Klall YISROEL, may you be blessed with a Kasivah v'Chasimah Tova,in Eretz Yisroel before Rosha Shona with Mashiach.

Miriam and Yaacov Berger After many, many years of not lighting candles on the Sabbath, I started to do so every Friday night, and I have felt closer to G-d ever since I have started to do so.

The reason for lighting the candles is to ensure that there is light in the house for Shabbat.

Once light has been established by the mother’s candles, there seems to be no Mitzvah need for the daughter’s candles.

See companion article on the "how-to" of candle-lighting. They are trying out this philosophy, that religion. How can those two little flickering candles on my table, light up the big, dark world?

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Without the kula of the Rama, it would be questionable whether anyone today would be able to recite a Beracha over the Shabbat candles without first turning off the electric lights in the room.But we need two souls to handle all the extra holiness that enters the world on Shabbat. (Remember, on Shabbat, don't concentrate on your food -- concentrate on your date! Our tradition gives us guidelines to experience the spiritual dimension of candle lighting.It is all too easy to ignore the extra soul and the extra spirituality that is available every Shabbat, and to spend the day just eating and sleeping. ) We women are the ones who ignite this romance with God. So let's give our mitzvah some thought and put it into its proper spiritual dimension. Buy beautiful candlesticks; make sure they and the tray they rest on are polished to emphasize the importance of this mitzvah.I pray for those gone, for my family that is still here, and for friends who need prayers said.

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This article showed me that I am on G-d's path and I am so happy that the light of G-d has been shown to me.

Do you know that Shabbat also gives us an extra soul?

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