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He 're-flowed' the input post solder joints to eliminate any potential future issues.

We also added 'hot glue' to most of the crossover components to eliminate any future vibrations / rattles / mechanical issues (we do this on many speakers, if it wasn't already done at the factory). They are able to handle "power" WAY better than your average speaker.

Cabinets solid and look decent with only minor cosmetic wear.

Original grills intact, with a few, minor snags to the knit cloth.

Why then, wonders Jerry Del Colliano, isn't that increasing demand?

Onkyo Announces New RZ Series AV Receivers with Sonos Compatibility The new RZ Series receivers not only earn their Works with Sonos badge, but also feature an upgrade from seven to nine amplified channels.

Gasketing added to the attenuator plates prior to re-installation as well.

All drivers were then tested with AF generator sweep, PN 20-20k and our standard, 'abusive' test recordings.

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This will however, add about 5-10 days to their ship time.) One of the first things to address was the lack of internal batting material, which generally causes cabinet ring and excessive resonance.Next, as always they were tested with both recorded material, PN 20-20k and swept them with our AF generator from 20-3k Hz. Custom, double-wall boxes will be manufactured specifically for them (not really a 'big deal' as we are having custom boxes made most every week locally). Following the above mentioned 'barrage', our demo cuts ran the gamut from Dire Straits, 'Brothers in Arms', TLC 'Fan Mail', Allison Kraus and Union Station, Nickelback, and a few others, all digitally recorded and some 'DDD'.Grey Westco 90L Pushboy Bin - This size was built for a show and is not in retail circulation, Please note the next size down is 50L and RRP 0-0.

Woofers were removed and reinstalled into cabinet with added gasketing material under their frames to further reduce any possibilities of vibration or acoustic anomalies. (Due to the nature of these speakers, S, H & I will more involved than most 'bookshelf' style speakers.

This will however, add about 5-10 days to their ship time.