Dating explained

27-Mar-2020 00:36

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‘People have just been like ‘oh my god, is he joking’ after seeing the message. I really fancied you and saved up some money to take you on a nice date; as it didn’t work out I’d be grateful if you could send along something to contribute for the drinks I spent on you thinking I’d at least get to see you again.‘The total cost of the night was c.£85, and as it’d be too painful to receive the watch in the post and remind me of you I thought that you might be interested to know the cost of that was Euro 20.

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I just text him back saying ‘eeyore’.’ The Donkey Sanctuary were delighted to hear that Lucy’s quick sense of humour would benefit their animals.

‘I decided to pay him the £42.50 back for my share of the cost, but I also donated the same amount to a donkey sanctuary.