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We were kissing and walking down the street holding hands. She has bared her bottom in public, played raunchy jailbird Roxie Hart in Chicago and a lesbian in the musical Rent. This is heady, adult stuff for a young man whose coat may be technicolor, but whose character appears a little on the grey side.

I couldn't believe no one found out earlier.'Lee insists it was five months after the show ended and his relationship with Kerry had broken up before he rang her. Indeed, seldom has there been such an unlikely pairing since John Major and Edwina Currie. Has he succeeded in taming the naughty former Big Breakfast presenter? ' he adds hastily, 'but she likes downtime, too, and domestic things.' The couple bought a 17th-century house in Kent last year to 'wind down' in.

His first job was on a cruise ship, sailing between Portsmouth and Spain. Lee admits: 'I had trouble getting a girlfriend when I was younger, so this is quite strange.' He even acquired a stalker. 'I hope that my varied fan base means I will have a longer career,' he repeats.

He danced on broken glass in the bar lounge - apparently because it caused interesting light reflections. Before Any Dream Will Do, he played secondary roles in West End musicals, including Phantom Of The Opera and Joseph itself. 'I used to walk home from the theatre and this woman started following me.' He looks anxious. It would be unfair to call Lee calculating, but he certainly lays plans for the future. 'Andrew is great, he and I are going to do a big project together soon. I had just two days to learn the whole show - the rest of the cast had more, and it was supposed to be a relaxed reading. 'A lot of people don't go on longer than five minutes.

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He looks 16, too young to be a West End star and a sex symbol to middle-aged women.

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