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At the northern end of the beach the rock has been carved and quarried into bizarre shapes, with a church and cave-like houses hewn from the stone.

The road south beyond Magazia leads to Papa Ta Chomata beach, sometimes referred to as Papa Ta Houma.

Most inhabitants live in and around the island capital of Chora and Skyros has a permanent population of around 3,000 people, mostly engaged in farming and fishing.

A tomb in the southern half of Skyros island is renowned as that 'corner of a foreign field that is forever England'.

An old mill, now turned into a taverna, is a reminder of times past when Molos was less developed as a tourist destination. There are a good many fish tavernas in Molos as well as bars and cafes, a bakery and a mini-market.

Further north, past the harbour and around the headland, is Grysmata beach, sheltered by a strip of offshore rock and which has a few tavernas and some accommodation, although there are no facilities here.

Sunbeds are laid out on the most popular stretches and the water is quite shallow.

A trio of rock breakwaters have been dumped offshore to the south.

Most summer visitors head for the main beach resorts below Chora where sands link the resorts of Magazia and Molos.

The main street of Chora is a narrow strip of tourist shops, travel agents, cafes and tavernas that eventually opens out into a square overlooking Molos beach and the sea.

Perched on a terrace, is a banal bronze 'Statue of Immortal Poetry' erected in 1931 to commemorate the English poet Rupert Brooke, who is buried on the island.

The landscape is green and densely wooded in the north; much more dry, rocky and barren in the south.

Traditional festivals and occupations play a large part in island life and Skyros has long been noted for its arts and crafts, its beautiful pottery and for its hand-carved furniture.

A 10-minute walk down the hill and stairway from Chora, leads visitors past the island's official campsite and onto the fine dark sands of Magazia, to the south of Molos.