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Ernst Thomke had been at the helm of ETA SA, and also had become CEO of Ebauches SA and appointed on the Board of Directors of ASUAG.He became SMH's first CEO, position he held until 1991. Hayek, as newly elected Chairman of the Board and main shareholder had already become the only person of reference.Through a series of mergers, ETA has become the largest manufacturer of Swiss watch movements and controls a virtual monopoly over their production and supply.ETA has undergone several Swiss government investigations due to its market position.Following repeated crises in the Swiss watch industry, by the 1970s both ASUAG and SSIH were again in trouble.Foreign competition and the mass production of cheap new electronic products were taking over the market. In 1983, critical steps including the merger of ASUAG and SSIH into SMH and the launching of a low-cost, high-tech, artistic and emotional “second watch” - the Swatch.Moreover, it should be noted that the degree of decoration on the movement's parts, generally only an aesthetic improvement, increases as well with the a newer design dating to the 1970s and fitted with top quality components.

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In the 1930s, both ASUAG and SSIH entered into complementary research and development programs to combat a severe economic crisis.

In 1926, ETA AS (the movement branch of Eterna, founded in 1896) and FHF (founded in 1793) took part in the creation of Ébauches Ltd.

In 1978 AS and ETA merged and in 1985 ETA took in all the activities done before by Ébauches Ltd and FHF (both part of SMH/Swatch Group).

SSIH was founded in 1930 through the amalgamation of Omega and Tissot.

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By consolidating companies that produced high-quality movements and a number of watch brands, SSIH gradually established a strong position in the Swiss watch industry.To illustrate the differences in accuracy garnered by the successive grades, consider the following specifications: The Chronometer grade must meet strict standards prescribed by the COSC.

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