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Growth of the glass industry parallels closely the industrial application of fire and the development, direction and control of the higher temperatures.During the past quarter century newer methods of manufacturing and new uses for glass have stimulated phenomenal growth within the indusry[sic].In later years companies were formed by men interested, first, in making the glass products which people used (See Picture 2), and second, in making tests and experiments in laboratories in order to discover new ideas for using glass, and new methods of producing the things which people had already accepted.Two of these early companies in the United States were the Owens Bottle Company and the Illinois Glass Company. was mostly interested in the making of glass bottles.The former (2) adaptability-can be used in many different ways. It was built around the invention, in 1903, of the first automatic blowing machine for making bottles.

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Glass has made possible the victory of light over darkness. --4-- No one knows for sure just who it was that first discovered how to make glass.

Precious ornaments and valued trinkets made from glass are often found in the tombs of ancient peoples.