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The mountain is situated in eastern Turkey, near the border with Armenia and Iran.In 2007, Greenpeace activists recreated Noah's ark on the mountain in hopes of drawing attention to the dire consequences of climate change.The 6639-metre peak of Kailash holds spiritual significance for Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism.As well as being the source of several rivers, Mount Kailash is the trans-boundary habitat for the snow leopard, an endangered species estimated to have a global population of just 2500 breeding individuals.Last summer, people protested against mining operations in the area, which is home to the Cerro Quemado – a mountain where the sun was born in Huichol mythology.(Image: Marco Ugarte/AP/PA) The dry spiny forests of south-western Madagascar house tombs of the kings and chieftains of the Mahafaly people.

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The conservationists of WWF are enlisting spiritual leaders as stewards of nature – see some of the world’s sacred places that are on the danger list, their wildlife threatened and their natural beauty tarnished.