Dating service for high intelligence

18-Jan-2020 06:33

I've done computer work and slung garbage on the back of a truck in the dead of Canadian winter. And both of them have no bearing on whether or not I am a member of the international Hi IQ society or Mensa or whatever club.

Big difference between dating an Intellectual, and someone with a High IQ. I am saying that a truely high IQ does not mean someone can spell and punctuate well.....often those that are truely high IQ's (over 140) and a "true" intellectual are not even close to mentally cannot be stupid.. I have "true" intellectuals in my family (scientists).

If you want them smart but aware, go look for the aware guys, then worry about if they are smart enough for you.

And just for the record, the last time I was tested my IQ was still 149.

(That's what's so scary about an evil brainiac like Ted Bundy) IQ is really too narrow of a term.

Some people have fabulous artistic or musical ability, but maybe aren't that good with numbers or dry facts. It seems like musical ability is considered very sexy.

Personally, I appreciate someone who has a good sense of humor, common sense, and an ability to get along well with others. Some girls like verbal ability, but it doesn't rate nearly as high as musical ability.

Mathematical ability is a non-starter unless it can be used to make money somehow. As many of others have said, IQ has little to do with the type of person someone is.

I look for a gal that has common sense and real life smarts, those are important.Being focused in one area can make one exclude other parts of thier life. More common are lack of social interaction skills that come with focusing on intellectual pursuits.