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Under New Brunswick family law, you must live together continuously in a family relationship for 3 years and one person must be substantially dependant on the other for support, or, where the couple lives together for one year and has a child together.In Nova Scotia, you must live together for two years. Below is some information on Sikhism, weddings and matrimonial services.The traditions emulated by Sikhs on their sikh matrimonial services are similar to other religions in India (particularly hinduism).Services – did the common law couple share the traditional functions of a family; 4.Social – did the unmarried couple portray themselves as a couple to the outside world; 5.She wears this around her neck which is likened for the mangalsutra that is worn by Hindu ladies.

The normal test used is the one set out in the Canadian case of Moldowich v Penttinen, which sets out the following 7 factors: 1.

It really depends on the particular circumstances of the breakup.