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These included 2,4-D (2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid), 2,4,5-T (coded LN-14, and also known as trioxone), MCPA (2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid, 1414B and 1414A, recoded LN-8 and LN-32), and isopropyl phenylcarbamate (1313, recoded LN-33). From these studies arose the concept of using aerial applications of herbicides to destroy enemy crops to disrupt their food supply. During 1952–53, the unit supervised the aerial spraying of 2,4,5-T over the Waturi peninsula in Kenya to assess the value of defoliants in the eradication of tsetse fly. Kennedy that the British had established a precedent for warfare with herbicides in Malaya. During the Vietnam War, between 19, the United States military sprayed nearly 20,000,000 U. gallons (76,000 m) of various chemicals – the "rainbow herbicides" and defoliants – in Vietnam, eastern Laos, and parts of Cambodia as part of the aerial defoliation program known as Operation Ranch Hand, reaching its peak from 1967 to 1969.

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Each is tailored to an interest: gardens, arts, antiques, food and history.Zpizza on Lincoln Street, near the University of South Carolina campus in Columbia, SC, is closing.

How did you tell people to be less picky diplomatically? I have the same League profile in New York and San Francisco. They ask a lot of questions about exes, whether their ex is on the League. Our grandparents were the first generation to start marrying for love. You’d be surprised how many ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend photos we see. When you live in a small community, everybody knows everybody, and if you’re not compatible with anybody in that community, it is a challenge. There was a girl from Ohio State, and she was into horses. It began to occur to me that it’s not recklessness, it’s caution. We’ve extended the period of getting to know someone. If there’s this long period of pre-commitment, you can get rid of relationships you don’t want before you marry. What’s something compelling you learned from last year’s survey? These days you get to know somebody quite a bit before the first date.… continue reading »

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For over two decades, organizations have trusted and applied Account Ability’s Standards to guide their approach to sustainability strategy, governance and operational management.… continue reading »

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