Dns pointer record not updating

14-Dec-2019 19:56

Likewise, when Exchange 2013 is introduced into the environment, the default values are derived from the server FQDN. The configurations that we will make should look something like this: Now, let’s look at some of the configuration.For Coexistence and interoperability between Exchange 20, these values all need to be changed. NOTE: It should go without saying, but the certificate on the Exchange 2007 server should have been replaced by this time with a certificate that contains legacy.For more information, see Using Traffic Flow to Route DNS Traffic.An alias record can only point to a Cloud Front distribution, an Elastic Beanstalk environment, an ELB load balancer, an Amazon S3 bucket that is configured as a static website, or another record in the same Route 53 hosted zone in which you're creating the alias record.A good article to start with is Exchange 2013 interoperability with legacy Exchange Versions by Michael Van Horenbeeck. A single Exchange 2007 server and a single Exchange 2013 server. So I usually setup some dummy URLs on the 2013 side and test all the connections (OWA, EAS, OA).This article points out when Exchange 2013 will proxy connections to 2007 vs. Both servers are installed in the same Active Directory Site. This way I know all proxying and redirecting is working prior to making any user impacting changes.For information about creating records by using the Route 53 console, see Creating Records by Using the Amazon Route 53 Console.For information about the values that you specify for alias records, see the applicable topic in Values That You Specify When You Create or Edit Amazon Route 53 Records: Note If you create an alias record that routes traffic to another record in the same hosted zone, and if the record that you're routing traffic to has a type of CNAME, you can't create an alias record at the zone apex.

Again, I won’t go into the details of why, but essentially Exchange 2013 can proxy and redirect back to 2007, but 2007 cannot proxy forward to Exchange 2013. When a user whose mailbox still resides on 2007, accesses OWA via the 2013 CAS, they will be redirected back to 2007 via external URL value: https://legacy.domain.com/owa Active Sync – (Proxy) I prefer to force Active Sync to proxy from 2013 to 2007 as some Active Sync devices don’t handle the redirect correctly.This is because the alias record must have the same type as the record you're routing traffic to, and creating a CNAME record for the zone apex isn't supported even for an alias record.