Employer mandating

12-May-2020 19:31

It had been revoked because of multiple DUI convictions.While driving on company business, he crashed into a convenience store. In the end, a jury awarded millions to the victims and the store owner -- way more than the employee's liability insurance or assets could cover.The company was found at fault for allowing somebody with a revoked license to drive for business purposes.I bet it's your company's insurance carrier that's requesting the info.They already have my SSN#, what could be the possible reason to request the DL# and is it legal to request it?If its to check our driving records, that can be done with our names through our States online court search.

Most of the time over here the employer ignores the issue, or expects you to use your car and carry your own commercial insurance, so I solved that issue by not driving my personal car to work.

My employer recently announced that everyone who drives their personal vehicles for company business has to supply their DL# to the HR dept.

They have not explained why they suddenly need this information.

If that's the case, driver details will be required.

- Steve If your company provides service to other companies, there could be contract terms your comapany provide an auto insurance policy for employees traveling to and from thier location.ie, my company is suspose to carry 1M$ auto policy, even though the company has no vehcles Personally I've supplied my DL#, driving record and proof of insurance for the reasons listed above. may not want him driving his car or a company car for strictly business reasons.

Good on ya, Goober Dave It has to be insurance company driven.

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