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22-Mar-2020 22:02

That's mean women emphasize the interpersonal dimension of romance, and men stress the physical aspects of attraction, because men and women differ physically and psychologically, and they have different roles in traditional society, that's why there are differences in their perceptions of what is attractive.Men have tendency to find beauty and fit body shape partner, because it can enhance the probability to create a better next generation, on the other hand, for women's consideration, they have tendency to find higher financial and social status, older, stronger partner, because when women are pregnant, they need men's protection and security.That means using too many dating sites can mean you’re less likely to meet someone you actually want to have a relationship with. You should also avoid words like “independent,” Gandhi says.

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“No sunglasses, no not looking at the camera, no kids, no pets, no friends and no pics of the food you ate,” says Gandhi. You don’t have to lay across a piano, they’re looking for someone who looks happy and trustworthy, the rest will come out in person.” So that means don’t Photoshop or use filters on photos, your date will know you cheated when you meet in real life.

When men are being older, the age gap between them and the women they favor as mates increase (Kenrich & Trost, 1989).

On the other side of traditional attraction perspective was Social Role Theory.

Besides, because of the quickly growth of Internet technology in the past few years, many people go online to seek a partner through the Internet.

Hence, interpersonal attraction has become an important topic on the internet.

The rising divorce rate over the last 25 years has led to more singles and older singles.