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In our third test against the onslaught of 1,012 polymorphic viruses it again ran into no problems whatsoever and carried its so-far perfect score into Test 4 against our second division viruses.

These are the ones that may not be in the current in-the-wild list as they have dropped off, or they may only be listed in a subsidiary category (as for example a virus only affecting a small part of the world or having only been picked up by one reporter).

But there has to be a catch somewhere, and working with the program you'll discover many limitations: you cannot remove high level spyware, the custom scan option is not available at all, nor is the scheduled scan.

The active protection is also available only in the registered version, thus your computer is not at all fully protected.

Antivirus software is specialized in protecting and removing viruses, from the most "innocent" to the most harmful ones.

Scumware developers study the main antivirus programs, and figure out ways to dodge them, so that the little spies that they create aren't detected, and can run just like a safe program.

This is part of the e Trust Internet Security Center, and can be installed individually: you will get the same control panel, but the only active item is the Pest Patrol.

Cleaning out the pests Such an application has been developed by e Trust, and it's called Pest Patrol.

What it does is exactly its name: it patrols your computer, eliminating all the "pests" that invade the machine.

Not only does it offer a scanning service, but it also provides live protection, so that it can monitor your every move.

During our round of arduous tests e Trust Anti Virus provided the type of results that we have come to expect throughout the years.

It delivered a perfect score during Test 1 and similarly sailed through Test 2 to provide 100 percent returns.

For every feature, there's a step-by-step walkthrough, ensuring that no detail escapes your attention.