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28-Nov-2020 21:29

The way out of this frozen state is simple: Go back to the VBE, and execute the following statement in the Immediate window: If you have a worksheet with many complex formulas, you may find that you can speed things considerably by setting the calculation mode to manual while your macro is executing.When the macro finishes, set the calculation mode back to automatic.In the case of deleting a sheet, the default operation is Delete.If you’re not sure what the default operation is, perform a test to see what happens.Fortunately, you can disable the screen updating that normally occurs when you execute a macro.

In other words, the fewer bytes data uses, the faster VBA can access and manipulate the data. If speed is critical, use the Long data type instead.In many cases, you can start a macro and then go hang out in the break room while Excel does its thing.Some Excel operations, however, display messages that require a human response.When the procedure ends, Excel automatically resets the Display Alerts property to True.

If you need to turn the alerts back on before the procedure ends, use this statement: If your macro frequently uses this range, you may want to create an object variable by using the Set command.

You can optimize your code by: In this article, I'll show you how to make simple changes to your code to optimize it for speed.