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Lots of pre-Code films have a surprisingly feminist slant; working women are even regarded with sympathy and affection. Wellman's (1933) shows a Shell-Shocked Veteran returning from World War I falling into morphine addiction.Directors such as Josef von Sternberg worked with Marlene Dietrich to create provocative explorations of sexuality and power.This was especially true for faithful adaptations of William Shakespeare's plays, which were likely considered too artistically significant to censor (, for instance, was filmed over a dozen times despite its main theme of revenge being something normally prohibited by the Office).Since the Code did not apply to the stage, aspiring screenwriters could (and did) write plays about subjects too sexy or politically controversial for Hollywood.The MPAA Film Rating System eventually replaced the Code, and though it has altered slightly over the years, it is still in use to this day.

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The Hays Code restrictions were as follows: because the (mild) swearing was in the original novel.

It also happened to completely overlap with The Golden Age of Hollywood.

The Pre-Code Era of Hollywood cinema stretched from around 1928 to 1933, and the contrast between films made before and after the Hays Code was enacted shows the impact censorship had on American cinema.

The Supreme Court essentially ended the MPAA's ability to even attempt censorship over any film with the 1965 featured equally-essential harsh language.

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Against the considerable critical acclaim of these films and overwhelming public sentiment, the Hays Code tried to bend—those films were considered "special exceptions"—but this opened the door for every daring filmmaker of the day to ask for similar consideration.

Films like Howard Hawks' to appease local censorship boards).