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07-Oct-2019 12:45

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I know this deal has been around for some time, but reader Peter asked why we’d never covered it and I realized I didn’t really have a good reason and it seems like it could be very useful for at least some readers.If you’ve already set this up, please share your experiences with other readers.One thing readers have pointed out that I didn’t originally include is that how good this deal is will likely depend on how coverage is in your area.Jeff H suggests using Sensorly (crowd sourced app) to get a good idea of coverage.When you apply for a credit card, the bank wants to see your credit history and be sure you're a good risk - so what if you have limited or no credit history?The time to start building with one of these cards, recommended by, has come. This ranking expresses the’s experts’ honest opinions, beliefs, and experiences with credit card products offered at But before sealing the deal they did a credit check on me and said since my score only showed in Equfax that they couldnt provide the load as they only rely on Experian, Living debt free and using debit cards all these years didnt show up in any reports,nor did anything negative however, they then told me that i have to establish a positive credit history and to do so required getting a credit card.I now have a Capitol One Platinum that I am using like my debit card and pay it off as I use it, so kind of like a debit only I have to manually pay instead of it coming out automatically.

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has not reviewed all available credit card offers in the marketplace.For now I just want to regain the 17 pts I lost and see that history appear on Experian and Trans Union.Credit Karma has been a big help with learning how to build a positive credit history.ADVERTISING DISCLOSURE: is an independent, advertising-supported web site.

receives compensation from most credit card issuers whose offers appear on our site.

The only way to build a credit reputation is to be a responsible credit card user.