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If at any time there has been no substantial activity on your account for at least 3 years, then we will have the right to withhold the accrued fees for your inactive account, up to a maximum closure withholding of .Further, any unpaid accrued fees in your account may be subject to escheatment under applicable law.You will earn the Special Program Fee Rates described in this Section 4(b) in connection with “Trade-In Events” which occur when (1) our customer clicks through a Special Link on your Site to an Amazon Site and (2) during the resulting Session our customer adds a product to his or her trade-in shopping cart and then submits a trade-in request that Amazon accepts.

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We will send you gift cards in the amount of the fees you earn to the primary email address on your Associates account.

These gift cards are redeemable for products on and are subject to our then-current Gift Cards Terms and Conditions.

Standard Program Fees for all Qualifying Purchases of Products that are categorized as fine art are limited to a maximum of 0 per Product, regardless of the Qualifying Revenues received from the sale of that Product.

You will not be eligible to receive any Standard Program Fees or Special Program Fees for any month if we determine that your Site is primarily promoting free Kindle e Books and during that month (i) 20,000 or more free Kindle e Books are ordered and downloaded during Sessions attributed to your Special Links, and (ii) at least 80% of all Kindle e Books ordered and downloaded during Sessions attributed to your Special Links are free Kindle e Books.

For the avoidance of doubt (and notwithstanding any time period described in this section), Amazon reserves the right to discontinue or modify all or part of any special program at any time.