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For detailed descriptions of banjo models, see Gibson Banjo Models Rims: Except for the very first Gibson banjos, all of the rims for this period have been made of steamed, rolled, and laminated maple.Maple was selected for its superior bending qualities compared to other woods in it’s weight/mass class (cherry, oak, etc.) at approx 35-40 pounds per cubic foot.The first models used small hex-head screws that went through a hold the flange to hold the flange and rim assembly to the resonator.This was later changed to the hex-head screw going through a separate bracket below the flange that was attached to the rim, and still later to a serrated thumbscrew replacing the hex-head screw.The added mass of the fourth ply on tube-and plate rims contributed to the brightness and amplitude of these banjo models.

All of the laminate ends were taper-cut, a method of angling the joining ends of each laminate so that they would overlap rather than joint flat end-to-end.Then, thin filler strips would be glued into the cuts and then machined flush, resulting in a multiply appearance, while still basically a three-ply construction.