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A 2 means that the event occurred while someone present for the event was in direct psychic contact with Terra or the Sol system.A 3 means that an individual or organization present was in psychic contact with a 2 source while the event occurred.Rather than dividing the year into approximately 365 days like we do, the Imperium divides the year into 1000 fractions.So, "549" indicates the 549th part of 1000 parts of the year.A comparison of Ncb2 recruitment between the two isolates displayed that 29 genes had higher promoter occupancy of Ncb2 in the AR isolate.

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For record-keeping, each year is divided into 1000 equal parts, numbered 000-999.Ncb2, the β subunit of NC2 complex, a heterodimeric regulator of transcription was earlier shown to be involved in the activated transcription of CDR1 gene in azole resistant isolate (AR) of Candida albicans.