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The relationship between virtue and political order is, of course, par excellence, the subject of Aristotle’s works.It was a preoccupation of not only philosophy, but of drama as well. Michael Jones, Euripides showed exactly how unsafe sex is when disconnected from the moral order.The very idea of Nature and natural law arose as a product of this philosophy, whose first and perhaps greatest exponents, Socrates and Plato, were unambiguous in their condemnation of homosexual acts as unnatural.In the , Plato’s last book, the Athenian speaker says that, “I think that the pleasure is to be deemed natural which arises out of the intercourse between men and women; but that the intercourse of men with men, or of women with women, is contrary to nature, and that the bold attempt was originally due to unbridled lust.” ( directs the soul.As a consequence of this metaphysical view, Socrates sees the erotic attraction of a grown man () within the perspective of the erotic drive for wisdom.This drive will be thwarted by a life of self-indulgence and can proceed only with a life of self-discipline.

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The state does not make marriage possible; marriage makes the state possible.It appears that many of these mentoring relationships in ancient Greece were chaste and that the ones that were not rarely involved sodomy.Homosexual relationships between mature male adults were not accepted.For Aristotle, the irreducible core of a polity is the family.

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Thus, Aristotle begins, “first of all, there must necessarily be a union or pairing of those who cannot exist without one another.” Later, he states that “husband and wife are alike essential parts of the family.” Without the family, there are no villages, which are associations of families, and without villages, there is no polis.

The idea that someone was a “homosexual” for life or had this feature as a permanent identity would have struck them as more than odd.