Grief and a child reaction to a parent dating

25-Apr-2020 22:47

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Infants do not recognise death, but feelings of loss and separation are part of developing an awareness of death.

Children who have been separated from their mother may be sluggish, quiet, unresponsive to a smile or a coo, undergo physical changes (for example, weight loss), be less active, and sleep less.

At this age children see death as a kind of sleep; the person is alive, but only in a limited way. Children may think that the person is still living, even though he or she might have been buried, and ask questions about the deceased (for example, how does the deceased eat, go to the toilet, breathe, or play? Young children know that death occurs physically, but think it is temporary, reversible, and not final.

The child’s concept of death may involve magical thinking.

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Make sure that you’re comfortable with the person that your Mom/Dad is dating, and if you feel a weird vibe off of them, tell your Mom/Dad. – Julia It can be really hard to talk to your Mom/Dad about dating after losing a parent.

I’m not very close with my stepdad but I’ve been trying really hard to stay closer to my mom.