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15-Aug-2020 19:33

Two letters subpoenaed from Sotheby’s in April as part of a lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme court by the estate of Oscar Stettiner against Helly Nahmad and his gallery, show an executive at Sotheby’s addressing the gallery as the consignor of a Modigliani painting that is at the heart of the suit.

The Nahmad family has long claimed that the owner of the painting is the Panama registered company International Art Center (IAC).

The art dealing prodigy is known outside of the art world as a frequent partier who spends upwards of ,000 to ,000 on bottle service at exclusive clubs, according to Page Six.

His circle of friends includes A-list celebrities like Giselle Bundchen, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Orlando Bloom.

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New Yorker Nahmad is a pal of Hollywood stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Orlando Bloom and his family are listed at 377 on the Forbes billionaires list.His recent trouble with the FBI this week only adds to the family's controversial name in the art world.